Post Procedure Expectations


Post-procedure, you can expect to experience some pain or discomfort at both the harvest site in the back of the scalp and the top and frontal regions of the head where the transplanted hairs were inserted back into the scalp.

Recovery: The pain or discomfort can be expected to last about 1-2 days then generally subsides. Pain medication is provided to keep you as comfortable as possible. During the first 2 days we do require you to sleep mostly upright in a recliner or on the couch. This allows minimal disturbance of the transplanted hairs as they are re-vascularized into the scalp.

We do recommend additional therapies at this time as well to really allow for the greatest amount of re-vascularization of the transplanted hair using either a hyperbaric chamber or Platelet-Rich Plasma injections into the scalp.

Follow-Up: You will have a follow-up office visit or virtual visit online with Dr. Pearce within 1 week. The bandages will then be removed, and you can then go about living your life again knowing a fuller head of hair is coming your way! The total regrowth process can take up to 9 months to see the complete response.


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