Surgical Hair Transplant

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Surgical Hair Transplant


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Is hair restoration right for me?

Hair restoration with the ARTAS iX system is an industry-leading solution for resolving the most complex cases of hair loss. You may be an ideal candidate for hair restoration if you have:

  • Hair loss due to trauma, burns, or surgery
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Receding hairline 
  • Thinning hair

Hair restoration solutions from Texas Hair Restoration Center can help you regain your confidence by restoring the full head of hair you once had. 

How does hair restoration work?

Hair restoration with the ARTAS iX robotic platform combines robotics and artificial intelligence technology to deliver precise and repeatable harvesting for optimal results. During your hair restoration procedure, Dr. Pearce uses the ARTAS iX system to remove single hair follicles from a donor site (usually from the back of your head. The system can remove up to 600 follicles per hour.

Dr. Pearce then examines the follicles under a microscope and divides them into triple, double, and single follicles. The next step involves poking tiny holes in your frontal scalp and implanting the truly single follicles. These follicles give the most natural appearance after your hair transplantation service.

Throughout your procedure, which can take up to six to eight hours, Dr. Pearce provides a local numbing anesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable. Because no incisions are made with the ARTAS iX hair restoration service, you won’t have to worry about scarring afterward. 

Texas Hair Restoration Center also proudly offers a host of innovative hair restoration services, including hair loss medication, and low-level laser light therapy. These solutions may be an alternative to a robotic hair restoration or a complement to your procedure to prevent further hair loss.

What is the recovery like after hair restoration?

Once your hair restoration procedure is complete, it’s common to experience soreness and tenderness for a day or two. But you can return to your regular daily activities as you feel you are able.

Dr. Pearce finds that transplanted hairs take about nine months to show full regrowth. By this point, you can expect a significant difference in your hair growth, with continuing improvements month after month. 

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